PPO Plans

Similar to HMO Plans, Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plans have designated network coverage. Enrolling in a PPO Plan will give you access to high quality medical care.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage Plans have come a long way in the last 10 years. Once thought to be specifically for those with lower income, this new generation of plans are providing tremendous value with many of the same benefits of a traditional Medicare Supplement plan and at a fraction of the cost! Request a consultation and let us help you determine if this is the right product type for you.

Network coverage

PPO Plans have a designated network of healthcare providers that are recommended. When receiving care from those network professionals, beneficiaries will pay less. When receiving care outside of the network, beneficiaries will have to pay more out-of-pocket. However, PPO Plans will still offer some amount of coverage in most cases.

The majority of PPO Plans include prescription drug coverage. This is an excellent option, as PPO Plans are a type of Medicare Advantage policy. Those enrolled in Medicare Advantage are not eligible to enroll in Part D, which is Medicare’s other option for prescription drug coverage.

PPO Specifics

PPO Plans do not require you to choose a primary care provider. They also don’t require referrals in most cases. Many people prefer PPO Plans because of this, as they gain access to specialists and can make their own appointments. Not having to obtain a referral means saving time and money.

Why Choose a PPO Plan?

If you’re wanting affordable health insurance and don’t want to go through the hassle of selecting a primary care provider or getting referrals, a PPO Plan is the perfect option. Through this type of plan, you have flexibility when selecting care providers but still save money. PPO Plans are an excellent option for those that want access to a wide variety of professionals and specialists, giving you the freedom to decide who you’ll visit.

If you have questions about PPO Plans and are wanting to learn more, book an appointment to speak with us. We’re here to help and can provide guidance. PPO Plans are an excellent option for many people, so we’re here to discuss the possibilities with you. Researching is one of the most important parts of any insurance decision, so let us help you with that process. Partnering with Eldridge Insurance Agency means working with a team of dedicated professionals who know the details of Medicare and what it has to offer.