Lasso Plan

A Lasso plan is a type of Medicare Advantage MSA plan that Lasso Healthcare sells. In Part C MSA plans, the insurance provider pays a certain amount of money from Medicare into the enrollee’s medical savings account. Once the money has been paid, the enrollee can then use the fund to cover their health costs, which can also be used to pay on the high deductible that comes with an MSA plan.

Part C Lasso plans can be purchased in 35 states, including Nevada, and can come in two forms: The Growth Medical Savings Account Plan and the Growth Plus Medical Savings Account Plan.

Growth MSA plan

The Growth MSA plan has less financial risk and is suitable for people who prefer to pay lower deductibles and member responsibility fees. However, it has a lower deposit fee. The Growth MSA has a $5,000 deductible amount, a $3,000 member responsibility fee, and a $2,000 medical deposit.

Growth Plus MSA plan

The Growth Plus plan has higher deposits and is suitable for enrollees looking to make the most use of the deposit amount. There is a $3,000 medical deposit amount, a $5,000 fee for member responsibility, and an $8,000 deductible. However, the medical deposits and deductibles may vary depending on your enrollment period and when the MSA plan begins coverage. To qualify for a Lasso MSA plan, you must be enrolled in Original Medicare.

What to Expect With Lasso

There are several features of the Lasso Healthcare plan to take note of:

  • These plans have a $0 premium.
  • Once you reach the deductible, the plan will cover all Original Medicare services.
  • There are no provider networks, meaning you can visit any doctor or healthcare provider as long as they accept Medicare.
  • These plans do not come with prescription drug coverage, but you can always enroll in a standalone Part D plan.
  • MSAs can also be paired with supplemental coverage, such as dental, vision, or hospital indemnity if additional coverage is needed.

Who Should Get a Lasso Plan?

If you are turning 65 and new to Medicare, a Lasso plan might be beneficial to you, but here are some scenarios in which a Lasso plan might be something to consider:

  • If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • If you receive stipends or reimbursements from your employer
  • If you have no major medical problems and are relatively healthy
  • If you pay a costly premium for a Medicare Supplement Plan but cannot switch companies because you’re in poor health

We want to make sure you are fully aware of all your options and understand the type of coverage you will be getting. We know how to make the transition into Medicare easy, so if you are in the Reno, NV, area and are interested in a Lasso Healthcare plan, give us a call today at (775) 328-1197.